Anyone Who Wants to Step Into a Healthy Life Should Know: What is Healthy Clean eating?

Now, if we start talking with people around us we constantly hear: “I need to lose 5 kilos immediately.” “,” If we don’t go there? I am on a diet. ” When the air temperatures started to increase a little, the “looking good” rush that surrounds us brings along hundreds of diet lists such as “0 carbohydrate diet”, “fruit or veggie diet”, “water diet”, etc.
The result everyone wants is clear: to lose weight and look better. However, the short-term diets made for them also cause it to be regained. Because we are not changing the lifestyle, but even for a little while, we are changing our diet. It seems like we wish a summer at the end of the work, then we return to our way of life, which is full of unnecessary calories to what we cannot say no.
But what we really need to do is that simple. It is precisely at this stage that it comes into effect “to eat clean”. It is not a diet list or short-term promises of losing weight. It paves the way for a lifestyle.
Lets take a closer look to what is this healthy clean diet!

Not a diet: what is considered as clean eating?

Not a diet: what is considered as clean eating?
Not a diet: what is considered as clean eating?

Healthy clean eating (eating clean or clean eating) is one of the topics that have been closely related to the world of nutrition and has been on the agenda for a long time. This trend is aimed at preventing people from dieting and losing unhealthy weight and feeding us properly in line with our body’s needs. In this way, it is thought that nutrition disorders such as obesity will be prevented from eating irregularly.
To remove all processed foods from our lives. It starts to be fed with health-grown fruits and vegetables, protein-rich cereals and dried fruits, which are entirely by nature, and this type of nutrition encourages people to enter the kitchen and eat more. It also helps us not to be physically and psychologically happier individuals. In short, the way to say goodbye to all processed foods, artificial products, hormones, fruits and vegetables of unknown origin, additive foods, fast food and carbonated products is through clean nutrition.

Goodbye to processed foods: How to eat clean and what is important about healthy clean eating?

Goodbye to processed foods: How to eat clean?
Goodbye to processed foods: How to eat clean?

Let’s understand and accept from the beginning that it will be very difficult to leave our habits at the first stage. But it is also certain that we will gradually put clean nutrition in the middle of our lives, to ourselves. At the first stage, all we have to do is to remove the processed products from our lives as much as we can. Because the basis of clean nutrition is based on the logic of removing processed foods completely from our lives. In short, it is time to say “goodbye” to most products that we take from the market shelves and put them in the refrigerator. These products are starting from ready-made soups to ready-made breads, from acidic drinks to sausage and salami, biscuits and cakes with additives . It is also necessary to not completely consume artificial sugar and reduce salt as much as possible. Not consuming the salt completely will not be very beneficial for our body.
Begin to consume products from the land, from the farm and gain the habit of shopping from the organic market. Make a habit of looking at the table of contents when shopping at the market. Update your shopping lists in this way. You should come home with your basket filled with lots of fruits, vegetables, cereals rich in proteins, and dried fruits. Dishes cooked in olive oil, grilled, unsweetened, fruit-based desserts, homemade yogurts, kefir, homemade breads, cheeses will now be the most important actors of our diet. In this way, even our culinary habits will begin to change.
First of all, you need to give yourself time to fully adapt to this process. Remember. 🙂

Happier, healthier: What are the long-term health benefits of clean eating?

In fact, it does not end with counting benefits. It is obvious that there will be a weight loss in the first stage since you will remove many products from your life. Because, apart from your normal eating habits, you will gain new habits that the body is not accustomed to. Since you will be fed mostly vegetable protein, long-term feeling of satiety will be another difference that you will observe right after you start eating clean.
One of the benefits of a clean diet is that you will experience less edema and swelling in your body as you will be fed with fruits and vegetables. In addition to all these, it is seen as another benefit that heart and vascular diseases will be prevented by eating cleanly, and the symptoms of many other nutritional diseases will be prevented with the help of clean nutrition. Since you will endure the strength of fruits and vegetables, nuts and protein-laden cereals, you will definitely feel more energetic and healthy. You will also have the secret of your skin shine.

In short, it will make you happier and healthier!

Are you motivated to start? Check my Recipe Index page for the recipes that you can easily make for any time of the day and year to eat clean!

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