Nutrition that is Against Diets and Says that Weight Loss can be Achieved by Eating: Instinctive Nutrition

There is a type of nutrition that I guess that you will enjoy reading today. It is a diet that opposes the concept of diet and all diet lists, and tells you that you can lose weight by eating what you want: Instinctive nutrition!
I know you’re already wondering, so see below the details.

What is instinctive nutrition?

Losing weight by eating: Instinctive Nutrition
Losing weight by eating: Instinctive Nutrition

A diet that advocates that restricting the food you eat is an ineffective and unhealthy way to lose weight. This diet, which advocates that dietitians and nutritionists’ recommendations such as “Do not consume sugar”, “Eat fruit-based diet”, “Stay away from the pastry”, are unnecessary and useless, are exactly against the diet mentality.
The basis of instinctive nutrition lies in listening to one’s own body and acting according to its needs. According to instinctive nutritional advocates, our body already knows what it needs, tells us what to eat, when to get enough. So it is not right to start a war against the nutrients the body needs. They even say that this war will harm us in the long run and lead to eating disorders.
In short, this extraordinary form of nutrition, which says “Eat according to your instincts, listen to your body’s voice”, says that we can also get rid of our excess weight. In fact, there are those who have lost serious weight with this method and they have made a fame on this. Just like Professor Steven Hawks who lost 50 pounds by eating everything he wanted
The basic principles of instinctive nutrition can help you get to know it better.

Instinctive eating principles

Instinctive eating principles
Instinctive eating principles

According to Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, who first introduced the concept of instinctive nutrition, the basic principles of instinctive nutrition are as follows:

Reject diet mentality completely
According to the instinctive diet, all diets are useless and no diet in the world can help you. According to this understanding, all diet types exist so that we feel inadequate. Whether you are dieting or not losing weight is not your fault, but the diet mentality.
So reject all the external controls on your diet and accept that only the power within you can control you.

Listen to the voice of hunger
According to this belief, you should eat as soon as you feel hungry. Do not let your hunger level increase because this will do nothing but eat more than usual. Food should only be tools that can satisfy your hunger.

Respect the feeling of satiety
Listen to your body while eating and stop as soon as you think it is necessary. The feeling of satiety should make you feel comfortable, you should not “feel full” and feel uncomfortable. To understand this sign, take small breaks while eating. Even if you have food left on your plate, leave it as soon as you feel full, do not force your body.

Stop checking what to eat
Stop blaming yourself for eating a huge slice of chocolate cake. Similarly, don’t brag as you have not exceeded your daily calorie limit. Understand that food is your friends, not your enemy. Eat exactly what you feel like in that moment.

Be friendly with food
Do not keep yourself away from the nutrients your body needs and make them an enemy. Let your body send you signs of what it needs and reward it by giving it that food.
If you hold yourself every time to avoid eating what you feel like, it may become an uncontrollable obsession in the future. So you can gain weight by eating portions of what you fear even to taste.

Don’t be afraid to eat delicious things
Put aside the tasteless, unsalted foods imposed by the diets. Do not deprive your body of delicious things. Enjoy every bite you eat. Your body will perceive the satisfaction you feel when you eat something you love and the feeling of satiety will occur faster.

Don’t solve your emotional problems by eating
If you are going to eat because you are bored, you are depressed, you are stressed, stop there. You cannot solve your emotional problems by eating. Instead, come over this feeling by walking, watching an entertaining movie or spending more time on your favorite hobbies.

Love your body as it is
The recent trend of body affirmation is also an important part of instinctive nutrition. Criticizing your body and hating it does nothing to you. On the contrary, love and honor it as it is.

Take time for the physical activities you enjoy
Instinctive nutrition is against physical exercises to lose weight. According to this belief, these activities exist to fill you with energy and improve your mood. If you hate it, you don’t have to go to the gym or you should never feel guilty for not doing sports. So just go for activities that make you happy and enjoy what you do. Nothing you do by force will return to you as a benefit.

Don’t put your health in the second plan
Listening to and respecting your body’s voice lie behind the instinctive diet. That’s why it’s up to you to keep it healthy. You should take care to choose both delicious and healthy foods and keep this in mind while listening to the signs your body sends.

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