Three super delicious vegan potato recipes

Hello Everyone!
Today, I want to introduce you three recipes with potatoes that are super delicious and vegan. They don’t contain any animal product, could be done in a few minutes and are very delicious. So long short, meet five super delicious vegan potato recipes by Healthy Recipes Guru!

Five super delicious vegan potato recipes

No need to fry: Healthily Baked Crispy Homemade Vegan Potato Chips Recipe

With the baked potato chips recipe, you can prepare delicious snacks for the family movie. Vegan potato chips, which I will prepare using very little olive oil, will be much healthier than the chips you buy.

Moreover, you can flavor the chips in the oven with the spices you want in half an hour without frying , and have a pleasant time with your loved ones. You can use a vegetable slicer to obtain thin potato slices, or you can prepare them with a knife. You can find the full recipe here!


I know it is very difficult to turn down French fries. But I was not exactly going to give it up. We give the potatoes to the oven this time and we make our day better with a healthier snack.

You can find the recipe for homemade crispy French fries in the oven here!


I do really recommend to try one of my favorite salads during all seasons (but especially summer). Super simple, super healthy vegan potato salad!

Potato salad with pickled cucumbers and parsley, mustard sauce on light background

You can find full recipes here!

Do you want more vegan recipes? Don’t forget to check vegan page of Healthy Recipes Guru from this link!

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