Healthy homemade Aloe Vera Juice

If you are skeptical of branded and factory-made products in the grocery stores, then you are welcomed to produce the things that are possible at least at home. Because most of us prefer the solutions we prepare in our own home over ready solutions.
Aloe Vera juice is one of them and you will not have any problems with its preparation. But first, let’s take a brief look at what makes aloe vera so special.

Healthy homemade Aloe Vera Juice

The importance of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera, which has a place in traditional Chinese, Middle Eastern and Indian medicine, contains more than 200 biologically active ingredients, mainly essential vitamins and minerals.
You can also prepare the juice of this plant, which can be good for energy regeneration, skin injuries, burns, acne, reflux and much more, and thus you can get a nice drink that you can consume for both your body and your skin.
Having minerals with healing properties such as germanium, iron and copper, the plant also triggers the detoxification process of the body. If you want to color the slightly empty taste, you can make it more drinkable with options such as lemon and honey. In particular, the vitamin C content of citrus fruits improves the absorption of iron contained in aloe vera.

How to make aloe vera juice at home

Now that we have looked at the benefits of aloe vera, it is necessary to explain how to prepare its juice. This drink you prepare at home will have all the nutritional values normally lost in commercial production. In addition, the shelf life of the product will be longer.

Ingredients for homemade aloe vera juice

• 1 large Aloe Vera leaf
• 3 glasses of water

The best way to make aloe vera juice at home

• First, cut one large, healthy looking leaf from your aloe plant. You can tear it off if you wish, but it will be easier to cut if the root is too tight.
• Using a sharp knife, clean the outer barbed part of the leaves. So you can reveal the yellow latex layer just below it.
• Make a scratch on this yellow layer and scoop out the aloe vera gel inside using a small spoon.
• Transfer the gel into a small bowl.
• Add two tablespoons of gel to the blender and after adding the water, mix on low setting for five minutes.
• Pour the resulting juice into a glass and season with a little lemon and ginger.
• Your aloe juice is ready. If you wish, you can mix this water with other fruit juices or pure water to obtain other flavors. Aloe gel can also be consumed directly, but you should be careful about its laxative effect.

• Aloe vera juice should be consumed twice a day for best health effects.
• Do not consume more than four tablespoons of aloe vera gel at a time.
• Do not forget to keep it in the refrigerator.
• Removing and mixing the aloe vera gel should be done as fast as possible because the gel oxidizes quickly. Oxidation will break the gel and its nutritional values will be lost.
• Do not forget to remove the latex part because too much can cause diarrhea.

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