Dehydrated broccoli chips with Thai sauce recipe

In no case am I an ardent fan of the dehydrator, but I can prepare something to raise the mood, which quite often falls in the winter and autumn periods. That would seem to be chips too, only from broccoli, not fried in oil, without any flavor enhancers, but so tasty!

We will dip our tasty healthy chips in no less wonderful Thai sauce. This sauce is perfect to complement the crispy broccoli chips. By the way, it can and should be used for everything, anything, very tasty!

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Coconut sauce – 6 tablespoons;
Broccoli – 2 large heads, 400g each;
Coconut vinegar – 3 tablespoons

Thai sauce recipe:
Bulgarian red bell pepper – 1 piece, red;
Curry – 1 teaspoon;
Honey – 1.5 tablespoons;
Cold-pressed olive oil – 1/4 cup;
Lemon juice – 1 tablespoon;
Fresh coriander- 10-20g;
Water – 1/4 cup;
Coconut vinegar – 2 tablespoons;
Ginger – 2cm piece;
Salt and pepper mix to taste.

How to make Dehydrated broccoli chips with Thai sauce

So, cooking is easy. Cut off the broccoli inflorescences along with the legs, which we also cut in half for better saturation. Combine vinegar and sauce in a separate plate. Now we dip each twig in a dressing and put it on a dehydrator leaf. Dry for 24 hours at 40 degrees. Eat and crunch!

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