BAKED POTATO ON THE GRILL or Electric grill or Grill Pan

A very quick and easy way to cook potatoes on the open-air grill or at home in electric grill. There is no need to pre-boil potatoes until half cooked, they are perfectly baked on the grill, and in just a few minutes, especially on double-sided. Also, below there is a second recipe- step by step guide for fragrant baked potato on the grill pan and healthy and harmful sides of potatoes.

I like to use herbs like ground dried garlic as a condiment. Bon Appetit!

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Vegan Roasted Watermelon Radishes Recipe

Not everyone has tried such a fragrant side dish as baked radish, but in vain! The dish turns out to be juicy, tasty and unique – you will surely surprise your family and guests with it. There is nothing difficult in cooking radishes in the oven, the main thing is to select not hollow and not bitter fruits, so as not to spoil the taste of the final dish. You can take baked radishes with you to a picnic right in the parchment paper in which it was cooked.

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Vegan Honey Mustard Recipe

I read a long time ago in a book that a good dish should combine all six basic tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent. Since each of these tastes speaks to our quantum body in its own language, and each carries its own information … Then I was still very surprised at this and could not imagine how all these six tastes can be combined in one dish. So, today the Indians would praise me. Since I made a sauce in which all, all, all tastes are combined!!! And I can tell you it turned out very cool!

So, my honey mustard sauce! Please love and respect 🙂

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We are a special group as chocolate addicts. We are the ones who always keep a piece of chocolate for the bad days in our inner pocket and deep in our drawers, and place a box of chocolate in the first things to be saved in the fire. We are those who do not like to give their chocolate but want other people to share their chocolate with us. This is who we are and let them accept us as such, right sir? 🙂

So let me introduce you my favorite and still healthy smoothie recipe with chocolate which you can consume as snack or fast breakfast option.

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When the daily and weekly time we spend at home increased unpredictably under compulsory conditions, we all acquired new habits, new hobbies and new occupations that will make our time at home enjoyable. One of them was making bread at home. In this process, where we better understand the value of artisan bread making, we started to grow our own yeasts and share our own bread recipes that we personalized with little touches with our friends. As someone who follows The Irish Spirit under all circumstances, I wanted to share the recipe of soda bread, one of the most important breads of Irish cuisine, which I can call my favorite bread, and to inform you about Irish breads.

An integral part of Irish cuisine is bread and potatoes. For this reason, it is possible to find a variety of bread in Ireland. There are different types of bread, such as sweet versions with sugar, currant or dried fruit, or savory versions with caraway seeds, fennel or dill, made with Irish Soda Bread.

First, let me share with you the recipe of this very easy bread and then you can find detailed information about the bread and its history. Let’s go!


Healthy vegan banana cookies without milk and eggs

The cookies I made with ripe bananas, without milk or eggs, were delicious. You can also serve cookies with ice cream. You can break two cookies into the bowls and add two balls of vanilla ice cream on them. When I prepare this kind of dessert for kids, I keep the ice creams waiting for at least ten minutes after adding them to the plate. Ice cream softens and takes the flavor of vanilla sauce.

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Yeast-Free Gluten-Free Vegan Buckwheat Bread Recipe

Demand to alternatives to a gluten-free diet are increasing. Buckwheat is one of them. Apart from the roasted variety, raw buckwheat is used a lot recently. We prepared the bread without FLOUR, NO YEAST, CARBONATE and EGGS by adding the raw buckwheat and making it VEGAN. Let’s go!

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GREEN DETOX SOUP with Broccoli, spinach and red onions

As the winter, our need to eat increases, we lose our form a little. I have a suggestion to color this somewhat pessimistic picture and make you feel lighter. Low-calorie detox soup prepared with vegetables, especially broccoli, spinach and red onions…
When it comes to detox, never think that it is tasteless. I give you the formula to not only warm you, but also to feel energetic and light.

GREEN DETOX SOUP with Broccoli, spinach and red onions
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Three super delicious vegan potato recipes

Hello Everyone!
Today, I want to introduce you three recipes with potatoes that are super delicious and vegan. They don’t contain any animal product, could be done in a few minutes and are very delicious. So long short, meet five super delicious vegan potato recipes by Healthy Recipes Guru!

Five super delicious vegan potato recipes
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I Eat This: Vegan Pea High Protein Burger Recipe

It is very easy to steal the hearts of your loved ones while preserving your healthy diet with vegan Pea Protein Burger, which helps you to set a rich table for yourself, your family and your guests in a very short time without any risk, accompanied by a piece of salad, rice, garnish or spaghetti.

Vegan Pea Protein Burger Recipe
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