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Flatbread is a type of thick bread prepared with a yeast dough recipe and traditionally baked on a sheet metal. Dough meringues, which are shaped by hand after fermenting and resting for a long time, are now cooked on the stove. If you think you should prepare a breakfast table with flatbread and butter on the weekend, come on, let’s go to the kitchen to prepare full-sized flatbreads! Here is a delicious flatbread recipe that will create feasts on the palate with its soft consistency!
If you wish, you can store the remaining part in the freezer after cooking, take it out whenever you want and heat it and consume it with pleasure.

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Chinese traditional jiaozi dumplings, step-by-step recipe. It is not difficult to cook them using a fresh test and any filling according to your taste.

Chinese cuisine in abundance is adorned with all possible flavors in the form of meat in a shell from a dough. Chinese dumplings, and they are counted in dozens, if there are not hundreds of varieties, are very ancient. Jiaozi dumplings are very common – they are easily recognizable by the particular angular shape of the products.


Smoked Mac and Cheese – Dutch Smoked Cheese Chicken Penne Rigate

Pasta is one of the favorite foods of children and adults. The fact that it is extremely tasty, economical and nutritious, fast and easy to prepare has made pasta one of the most consumed and preferred foods in the world. Today, we will prepare pasta in the smoker as the perfect dinner for the weekends where both you and your children can be happy. Bonus: it is easy to cook! Let’s go!

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Cappuccino vs Latte: Every Difference You Need To Be Aware Of

Cappuccino and latte are the most popular drinks in the world, apart from perhaps a traditional cup of filter coffee or possibly water. These two espresso drinks contain many of the same ingredients, but the craftsmanship of your favorite barista leads to two drinks with different flavors, textures, and finishes. Order like a pro and finally learn the difference between a cappuccino and a latte.

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The Best Smoked Chicken Breast Recipe in barbecue or pan

Chicken breast is the most protein-rich and lean part of the chicken. Grilled chicken breast, which has an important place in the sports diet and diet lists, is generally considered as a dry and tasteless meat because it is not cooked correctly. Prejudice caused by improper cooking turns the act of eating grilled chicken into complete torture and makes diets intolerable.

With some precautions and tips to be taken before and after cooking, you will find that eating juicy and delicious grilled chicken breast is not that difficult.

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BAKED POTATO ON THE GRILL or Electric grill or Grill Pan

A very quick and easy way to cook potatoes on the open-air grill or at home in electric grill. There is no need to pre-boil potatoes until half cooked, they are perfectly baked on the grill, and in just a few minutes, especially on double-sided. Also, below there is a second recipe- step by step guide for fragrant baked potato on the grill pan and healthy and harmful sides of potatoes.

I like to use herbs like ground dried garlic as a condiment. Bon Appetit!

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What is Masago, benefits and Buddha bowl with salmon and masago caviar

What is Masago caviar?

In the recipes of Asian dishes, there are very often ingredients that are completely unfamiliar to the domestic consumer. For example, rolls and sushi are often prepared with masago caviar. Apart from this name, the product is also called chaplain or capelin caviar. And then it becomes clear that the usual capelin caviar is hidden under the exotic name. So, are you interested in Masago and how to use it in the culinary of rolls? Let’s dive in!

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Vegan Roasted Watermelon Radishes Recipe

Not everyone has tried such a fragrant side dish as baked radish, but in vain! The dish turns out to be juicy, tasty and unique – you will surely surprise your family and guests with it. There is nothing difficult in cooking radishes in the oven, the main thing is to select not hollow and not bitter fruits, so as not to spoil the taste of the final dish. You can take baked radishes with you to a picnic right in the parchment paper in which it was cooked.

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Vegan Honey Mustard Recipe

I read a long time ago in a book that a good dish should combine all six basic tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent. Since each of these tastes speaks to our quantum body in its own language, and each carries its own information … Then I was still very surprised at this and could not imagine how all these six tastes can be combined in one dish. So, today the Indians would praise me. Since I made a sauce in which all, all, all tastes are combined!!! And I can tell you it turned out very cool!

So, my honey mustard sauce! Please love and respect 🙂

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Vegan Avocado Brownies: A Simple (But Complete) Recipe

Because of the little flour in the brownie, its consistency is much different from the cakes and desserts we know. The consistency of this delicious recipe, in which the chocolate flavor is felt, becomes slightly moist. It does not leave a dry taste in the mouth while eating. One of the biggest mistakes when making brownie is putting too much flour in the mortar and cooking it for a long time. Let me take you through the tricks of making it!

You can use the vegan chocolate as 85% bitter if you like bitter flavors and 55% bitter if you like sweeter. The quality of the chocolate you will use determines the taste of brownie. If you wish, you can add different ingredients such as white vegan chocolate, sour cherry and strawberry. Here is the most delicious brownie recipe with all its tips!

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