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What is Masago, benefits and Buddha bowl with salmon and masago caviar

What is Masago caviar?

In the recipes of Asian dishes, there are very often ingredients that are completely unfamiliar to the domestic consumer. For example, rolls and sushi are often prepared with masago caviar. Apart from this name, the product is also called chaplain or capelin caviar. And then it becomes clear that the usual capelin caviar is hidden under the exotic name. So, are you interested in Masago and how to use it in the culinary of rolls? Let’s dive in!

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Vegan Roasted Watermelon Radishes Recipe

Not everyone has tried such a fragrant side dish as baked radish, but in vain! The dish turns out to be juicy, tasty and unique – you will surely surprise your family and guests with it. There is nothing difficult in cooking radishes in the oven, the main thing is to select not hollow and not bitter fruits, so as not to spoil the taste of the final dish. You can take baked radishes with you to a picnic right in the parchment paper in which it was cooked.

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Vegan Honey Mustard Recipe

I read a long time ago in a book that a good dish should combine all six basic tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent. Since each of these tastes speaks to our quantum body in its own language, and each carries its own information … Then I was still very surprised at this and could not imagine how all these six tastes can be combined in one dish. So, today the Indians would praise me. Since I made a sauce in which all, all, all tastes are combined!!! And I can tell you it turned out very cool!

So, my honey mustard sauce! Please love and respect 🙂

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Vegan Avocado Brownies: A Simple (But Complete) Recipe

Because of the little flour in the brownie, its consistency is much different from the cakes and desserts we know. The consistency of this delicious recipe, in which the chocolate flavor is felt, becomes slightly moist. It does not leave a dry taste in the mouth while eating. One of the biggest mistakes when making brownie is putting too much flour in the mortar and cooking it for a long time. Let me take you through the tricks of making it!

You can use the vegan chocolate as 85% bitter if you like bitter flavors and 55% bitter if you like sweeter. The quality of the chocolate you will use determines the taste of brownie. If you wish, you can add different ingredients such as white vegan chocolate, sour cherry and strawberry. Here is the most delicious brownie recipe with all its tips!

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Tartar sauce, the main ingredient of which is mayonnaise, is flavored with ingredients such as garlic, parsley and pickles. Its homeland is French cuisine. It is often used alongside chips and fish dishes. It has a creamy consistency. If you’re ready, we can start the delicious tartar sauce recipe.


Tirosalata (tirokafteri, tirohipiti) – Greek Antipasto with Feta Cheese

I think cheese is more than just a simple breakfast, even those who don’t like cheese will accept it. You know, cheeses, which we love individually, from feta cheese to cheddar cheese, are very nice when combined with appetizers. That is why I came with Greek tyrosalata or tirokafteri, tirohipiti recipe, which you can prepare today using lots of cheese. Let’s go!

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Healthy homemade citronade recipe without sugar

Lemonade is among the most consumed drinks. You will love the healthy lemonade recipe prepared with lemon orange, lemon salt and honey. Lemonade is a beverage made and drunk in almost every country of the world. You can prepare your own healthy homemade lemonade without sugar instead of ready-made lemonade full of sugar. Here is the healthy homemade lemonade recipe without sugar: How to make lemonade with honey?

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So, let me introduce you the pasta recipe that I liked mostly in Italy especially in Florence, when I was travelling back in 2017. The one of the restaurants in 4 Leoni served this pasta and I imagined it same as ravioli, however it has special taste. I wondered so much when I realized that it has pear and ricotta inside, because before I would not imagine those two to have such a nice correlation! Thus, after this, this recipe is my favorite from Italy.

The difference between ravioli and fiocchetti is that the latter one looks like a little pouch. In literatl translation from Italian language, fiocchetti means “bows”. Inside it is stuffed with pear and ricotta cheese which fit perfectly to each other as ricotta has more neutral taste and, pear is more sweet. Also, the fiocchetti itself it seasoned with sauce called taleggio sauce which is a perfect final for the dish.


Whole wheat ciabatta bread with healthy tuna dip recipe

Recently we have devoted ourselves to making bread. Waking up at six in the morning and embarking on a struggle that will last for hours is exhausting but also exciting. I excitedly watch the change and transformation of flour, water and yeast, and the emergence of completely different results by trying different methods and techniques. It really takes a lot of effort, but the results are amazing. Every bread you make is a unique piece. Ciabatta is one of the breads that I have been a fan of since I first tasted it. Its crispy shell, light and porous inner structure is seductive.

Ciabatta is an Italian word, its exact equivalent of “slipper” in English, this name is given because its shape resembles a slipper. The dough of the bread is light, very moist and fluid, with large pores. It is very difficult to give this silky texture by hand kneading, so you should definitely use a mixer. Everything is much easier if you have a kitchen aid because you don’t have to hold the mixer for a long time and get tired. Because the dough is sticky, it is difficult to shape the bread without deflating it, so it makes more sense to gently pick it up using your spatula rather than your hand.

This is our 2nd Ciabatta recipe compared to the first recipe we tried, this is much simpler, and the waiting time is less. If you trust your patience and mixer, you should definitely try to prepare this delicious bread at home. Let’s go!

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Soft Vanilla Pudding with Almond Milk and Coconut Milk without Cornstarch

Pudding is a dessert that is made and consumed with love, as its preparation is very practical and is convenient to obtain new flavors for every taste by enriching it with different flavors. Generally, cocoa or chocolate pudding is also used in different cake recipes. Especially biscuit cake satisfies children’s sweet cravings in a healthy way, while also enabling parents to fulfill this request easily.

If the pudding is prepared especially for children, it would be better to choose a homemade pudding that you will prepare at home with your own ingredients. Since the ready-made puddings sold in the markets may contain different additives, this dessert will not be as healthy as the pudding you will cook yourself at home.

Today, I will share with you a delicious and easy-to-prepare milk dessert recipe to accompany your dinner tables or tea hours. There is also an ingredient in our recipe that we do not use often in our kitchens, and that is coconut milk.

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